The truck is shaking, moves slowly, consumes a lot of power. These symptons are not easy to identify at the moment. The first diagnosis, a defectiv controller is not always the right answer. Unfortunately, with the modern AC technology, a lot of components are necessary for a trouble-free movement. Due to the problem that technicians are facing the problem to locate the error, we have developed the Encoder-Checker to to locate or eliminate the problem. The encoder checker automatically recognizes the connected bearing. By gently turning the motor or moveing the truck, all necessary data is collected in order to show the functionality of the sensor.

Due to the partial standardized connectors, it is possible to check a lot of common AC motors

  • Juli
  • Danaheer
  • Iskra
  • etc

The Encoder-Checker usable for plenty types of forklifts, such as:

  • Still
  • Jungheinrich
  • Linde
  • Crown
  • etc