With the help of our modern full-load-test-stands we are in a position to test each controller from 12 to 120 volts in a realistic environment. So we make sure that the controllers are working properly at the current limit of up to 1000 amps until the thermal shudown.


Our three-phase test bench gives us the opportunities to drive any AC controller from 24 to 80 Volt. Microprocessor controlled sensors are simulation any encoder. So we can drive a wide range of controllers..


Due to the spread of the separate excited morots, especially in the forklift truck industry, we have developed a test bench for these type of applictions. With that test bench we are capable to repair and test-drive the controller.


On our shunt motor bench we can drive any controller. Beginning with an old thyrsitor controller within a modern MOSFET controller with regenerativ braking we got the right testrig.


Through our stationary power supply, we can test steering controllers up to 80 amps..