Welcome at FST GmbH

We offer you competent fast service and reliable supply of exchange parts of electronics for almost all electric powered forklifts, wheelchais,cleaing machines,trucks,golf carts and service vehicles (eg at airports).

FST Gmbh formerly known as Ahles GmbH was founded in 1991.

The basic idea was to support the service technicans with training and consultancy for forklifts and other electrical powered vehicles.

Meanwhile, FST GmbH is a solid and experienced company with competent employees. The close collaboration with leading manufacturers in the industry and their suppliers, has expanded our portfolio.

The continuous development and intriduction of the Can-Bus in the material handling vehicles, we are able to drive controllers with our simulation program. This is a big benefit for repairing and driving the powerunits.

If you have further questions we will gladly available to you.